The key moments from George HW Bush's funeral

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
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    Washington mourns George HW Bush as Trump gives cold shoulder to Clintons ►


    From the emotional speech of George W Bush to the painful tensions between Clinton and Trump - here are the key moments from the funeral of US former president George HW Bush Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ►

  • The Asian Mai Show
    The Asian Mai Show 3 days ago

    Put political views aside and have respect for this man

  • Juan Valenzuela
    Juan Valenzuela 3 days ago

    At 1:33 Joe is like “ok I should stand up to shake his hand” gets up “and he’s gone” sits back down

  • drew1212
    drew1212 4 days ago

    So great for W. Bush to lighten the mood at the beginning of the speech, and so heartbreaking to see him get sad at the end

  • Nathan D'Eon
    Nathan D'Eon 4 days ago

    It's nice to see both parties being tolerant to each other for the death of a great president

  • Steven b
    Steven b 4 days ago


  • CYP0
    CYP0 4 days ago

    0:33 love the way Hillary avoids eye contact with Donald. If given the chance, I am sure that she would want to get into a palm fight with him.

  • Noob Slayer
    Noob Slayer 3 days ago

    It is so surreal to see George W. Bush crying. In fact I don't think I have ever witnessed a president (in office or not) break down like that.

  • GoofballLOL
    GoofballLOL 3 days ago

    0:47 I can feel the tension through the screen and in my bones

  • J.Goodie
    J.Goodie 4 days ago

    At 01:20 I noticed Bush pass Michelle Obama something as they shook hands, with abit of a giggle between the two. Did you all notice that?

  • Daniel 786
    Daniel 786 3 days ago

    It’s crazy to see so many influential people in a single room.

  • Devin Fletcher
    Devin Fletcher 4 days ago (edited)

    All the political debate, but humanity is united by our own fragility and the inevitable unknown that we all will face. Enemies sit alongside as peers, and pay respect to the peer most senior to them.

  • Dave Hanson
    Dave Hanson 4 days ago

    My Grandpa was a Navy Corpsman 2nd. class that was stationed aboard the USS Finback that rescued Lt ( jg ) George Bush when he was in his liferaft. My Grandpa gave Mr. Bush a brief medical exam, and looked after him until they returned to Pearl Harbor. Many years later, my Grandpa remembered how personable and grateful that Lt. ( j.g. ) Bush was towards him. Sadly, another member of the "Greatest Generation" has gone on before us. Rest peacefully, Mr. President. Your admirable service to this country both in the military, and in government will not be forgotten soon. God bless.

  • Crutpie
    Crutpie 4 days ago

    LMAO the Bush troll handshake to Obama at 1:19

  • ZordanTheAssassin
    ZordanTheAssassin 3 days ago (edited)

    Even if you don't like them at least have respect for a day, RIP

  • Rocky B
    Rocky B 4 days ago

    All I see are war criminals but not Jeb, good ol' Jeb is alright.

  • Ian Combs
    Ian Combs 4 days ago

    This is no time for differences. Now is a time for us to come together as one People.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    RIP George H. W. Bush..... He served in World War II..... He did alot of stuff for our country....Your memorial will never be forgotten.... Neither will you. 

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who 4 days ago

    Hillary doesn’t seem to be so happy

  • Amanda Hughes
    Amanda Hughes 4 days ago

    The reptile house

  • Russell Bell
    Russell Bell 4 days ago

    Rest in peace.