Documentary 2016 | The Great Escape from Alcatraz Prison

  • Published on Nov 30, 2016
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    ★ The men disappeared, leaving behind a cold case that has mystified law enforcement for over half-a-century. Now, three Dutch scientists have used 3D modeling technology to show that it may have been possible for the men to have survived. Putting their theory to the test, the Dutchmen are recreating the daring escape as closely to the original as possible, right down to launching their own raincoat raft into the bay. Will they make it through the treacherous waters to safety or be swept out to sea? And can they prove once and for all what happened to the escapees? ------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Follow us:


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    On June 11, 1962, bank robbers Frank Morris and Clarence & John Anglin launched a patchwork, raincoat raft into the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay surrounding

  • Loxa
    Loxa 8 months ago

    The problem with this test is that they were not fighting for there lives, there was no real fear, no will to give everything they had.

  • Gerardo Aleman
    Gerardo Aleman 8 months ago

    The reason nobody heard of them again is because when u escape from prison the goal is to lay low and off the radar

  • Danny
    Danny 7 months ago

    There sitting here whatching this and laughing

  • A loco
    A loco 9 months ago

    I feel like they made it.....

  • Jakub. M
    Jakub. M 8 months ago

    Those guys are legends

  • Gatorade Guy
    Gatorade Guy 10 months ago

    the only problem is there has been no evidence of any sign of them in the water.. no shoes, no clothes, no bodies/parts... no evidence to suggest they drowned.

  • Haydn Thomas-Dawes
    Haydn Thomas-Dawes 11 months ago (edited)

    The fact is these 3 men had something about them that made them very smart, these men didn’t just plan the escape they probably planned days ahead of when they would escape, all these people over thinking all these theory’s, the fact is these men escaped, got across the water and lived, your telling me when you escape from Alcatraz your gonna die in the water, no way! these guys are gone and will never be found, why...because they probably died Of old age.

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson 10 months ago

    those three guys were to smart to drowned

  • joshmattmilo
    joshmattmilo 10 months ago

    the one thing this show, myth busters and all these others fail to mention. Or fail to explain to the proper extent. Is that most attempts at reinacting the event do SUCCEED. Even Myth busters. Too older men, who are unfit were able to succeed in doing it. But they are missing one important thing. These three men that made the escape, had a drive behind them that no reinactment could ever show. Once a prisoner escaped alcatraz. Once they even touched a fence, or anything that makes up the perimiter. The guards were told to shoot to KILL. Not using bean bags, gas, or even skip shooting like they do now (shooting infront of a person so the shot bounces of the ground and into the persons chest. Causing a drastic decrease of power of a shot. Rarely kills, but ALWAYS stops a person. Those are todays tactics. Back then it was shoot. and shoot too kill. These men knew once they left their cages. That if they were spotted. They would be killed. Guaranteed. By trigger happy guards just lickin their lips hoping to have a prisoner escape while they are on duty. They would be heroes all over every tv, radio and newspaper. These men would have had a drive, and momentum behind them. That could never be truly duplicated. So if 2 out of shape old men, and a tiny shop student can do it......Your damn rights three men, with everything to lose, and everything to gain on the line. With only time to plan it...100 percent they could. Doing it for tv ratings......and doing it for YOURS and Your brothers LIFE/ FREEDOM big differences.

  • gwhite713
    gwhite713 10 months ago

    I love how the fat guy doubts they made it. Well yes, if he was one of the three! lol. These men were in very very good shape and had months to get into great shape, more so than these poor skinny weaklings the performed the experiment in the raft. And they got within 100 yards from horseshoe bend. Also they would have paddled straight from Alcatraz not just paddle with the current and fight it. They would have paddle straight because they would have known that by doing so you avoid the current downstream. They would have been no where near where the men in the experiment were paddling. We've seen letters, post cards from these men over the years. Once asking for a 1 year sentence in exchange for medical care. Its rare but i think the escapees had higher IQ's than the men performing the mock escape experiment. Also, there is speculation that a mob boss had them picked up. He was in Alcatraz, got bonded out for two days, came back and the next night, the escaped happened. Coincidences don't just happen. And why hasn't it occurred to anyone that these men would have purposely left personal items, and family photos in the raft to make it look as if they drowned. Next, if they found the raft the next few days, why is it many pieces? Because they wanted to make it look like the raft failed, but if they were drowning, the last thing that would happen is the raft being shredded. They would have discarded the raft whether they were picked up by boat by someone or if they made it to the escape point at the bend. Leaving the raft and personal effects was key. Also where the items washed back to the island where they were found, one could do the math and figure out what time the items started back toward the island. This means, these men were out of the water before 1am.. possibly way way sooner if picked up and that would account for how the items back washed to the island in the time frame they did. I feel they were picked up half way across. At that point, they discarded everything to make it look like they didn't make it. This would account for how most of the items washed up back at the island. If they discarded it at the shore at the bin, no way all those items make it back to the island relatively close. The items would have never washed from that current back to the island, it would have missed them entirely given the angle and current. I also feel they would have made a better raft than what was made in the experiment, and i feel with three paddling for a time and a more correct angle, and the excellent health they were in, this would have been relatively easy for them to make it even without the pickup.

  • MyNameIsJack
    MyNameIsJack 11 months ago

    what if they had connections. a boat could of picked em up half way

  • Donna Houston
    Donna Houston 10 months ago

    why did their personals wash up on the bay....pictures etc but not the bodies or the raft? I think they made it but I think they are deceased because of old age...but those boys were too smart to just have drowned in the bay.

  • A loco
    A loco 9 months ago

    The three real guys would have been trying way harder...

  • Andrew Lutzke
    Andrew Lutzke 1 year ago

    A boat was seen in the area that night by an off duty cop, so one could assume that they had a contact pick them up. i

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 months ago

    Probably they are watching this documentary

  • Yolanda Cervantes
    Yolanda Cervantes 2 months ago

    Just leave them alone they did a great job...they deserve a 

  • Makaveli Hands on the bar Warrior
    Makaveli Hands on the bar Warrior 9 months ago

    The real escapees planned for the escape possibly for years,and exercised enough and readied themselves psychologically that no one would rescue them in case of failure,I mean to say their mental attitude was 100% surely positive of making it to the safe haven,unlike you guys who carried out your experiment hoping to be rescued after failing to make it.

  • Shu Papi Fidel
    Shu Papi Fidel 9 months ago

    I am convinced these guys were picked up by a boat

  • Randy Young
    Randy Young 4 months ago

    This is the best escape in history even if they didn't make it they are some smartass guys but i think they made it.

  • The Real Gamer
    The Real Gamer 8 months ago

    Michael Scofield was one of them xD